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StreaK said:
Jumpin said:

I'm 39.

Dude, there is just NO excuse, sorry Svenno....

Yeah, I'm also gonna be 38 and in better shape than I was at 25. Age truly is, just a number.

There are 72 year olds that physically can out perform me.

It's no excuse, my problem is I usually push myself too hard. I still go jogging every other day despite my left knee being injured. I just got back from being out for a couple hours. Half of it walking because of my knee, otherwise it's a 90 minute loop.

Same with weight lifting. I had to scale back after being down for months with excruciating nerve pain. Twice from a dislocated rib, and last time from my sciatic nerve getting pinched by a herniated disc which now over a year later still causes (minor) pain and occasional night cramps down my right leg. I never got the feeling back in the tip of my left index finger after dislocating a rib pinching the nerves, from lifting weights behind my head.

My days of lifting 120 pounds over my head are over, not worth the risk anymore. Healing slows down with age, injuries happen more easily. I am 46 now, I think my body peaked around 43. I will still do up to 125 km bicycle rides in Summer, just have to build up to it again. I'll get my 4 to 5k km in as usual, maybe a bit less fast as the last couple years I've started noticing that I'm slowly falling behind my usual times for my regular routes. Also with cycling it's my knees that give out first, much less so than with jogging though. With jogging it's the ACL band, cycling has different wear and tear.

Be careful, it's a great feeling being fit and that endorphin high after a good workout or long ride. However it sucks pulling something and not being able to do anything for a month. No pain no gain, nonsense. If pain, stop, apply ice straight away.