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tsogud said:
Moren said:

If you truly, really believe the best way to achieve your progressive goals and help the most people is to go on Fox News and slam the Democrats and the DNC, then I don't know what to tell you.

And if you think for one second they will give you the same platform and respect during the general, you're falling for their game too.

I believe if you have a honest, truthful message that resonates and is based in facts then I think you're entitled to spread it. Which is exactly what what I just did a few moments ago by canvassing for Bernie. Healthcare is a human right, we need to get big money out of politics to give the voiceless a voice and we need a green new deal. That's what I and millions of disenfranchised Americans believe.

If you believe something different, if you're a proud moderate, then fight for the votes and may the best policies win.

I didn't start debating policy. I think everyone's positions here are clear. I also have made it clear numerous times I intend to vote for Sanders in the general.

It just sickens me seeing validation for a News Network that has been a relentless propaganda arm for the Republican party. That was the original point I made.

Fox News is giving a platform to these guests because they are bashing the Democratic party. They are not doing so to inform people of different viewpoints (otherwise, Fox News wouldn't have transformed AOC in their personal arch-vilain). Their main goal is to create division in the party, and further the Republican agenda. What Mnementh is doing is exactly what they want.

So yes, I do have a major problem if people are going to validate the Network. And it is nowhere near an isolated incident.