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I'm going to receive hate for this but The Fighter Passes of Smash. I don't dislike that they have them, but I dislike that they focused on adding new random characters when they could have added more features to the game instead. Features I'd love for the game to have:

Amiibo online battles. You have your lineup, I have mine, we let them battle it out while we eat smoked guoda cheese and drink a fine 2017 blackberry sweet wine. Throw in a leaderboard while your at it.

Story focused single player with linear plotpoints that build up to epic CGI moments.

Smash App where you can challenge friends, set up times to fight, get live updates on Smash leaderboard changes and events, and talk trash with the internet.

I like new characters, but that's all they seem to be focusing on and that is the least of my concerns when it comes to Smash. They have a fantastic lineup already. We need new features!