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h2ohno said:
curl-6 said:

You're in luck; 4A have confirmed via Twitter that Metro Redux on Switch supports motion aiming.

So it looks like its a great port, as I was expecting with 4A handling it in-house. Like Alien Isolation, another port that really shows how much more capable Switch is then last gen platforms. Also nice to hear that input response is excellent.

It's also worth noting that the res isn't a straight 720p. From the written article on DF:

"The solution is what 4A calls temporal super resolution - which seeks to achieve clean edges while minimising artefacts. If you count pixels, the effective resolution seems to hang around 1280x720 docked, but pixel counts are only possible in motion when the TSR tech fails on specific edges. 4A itself pegs docked play at 1080p, but regardless, there are many variables that can lead to variations in image quality depending on what's happening on-screen. It's very dynamic, you can expect the current frame to vary significantly in terms of pixel count and the image you're presented with at any point will, of course, include a lot of data reconstructed from previously rendered frames."

They have?  I haven't seen that on their twitter page.

Someone asked them on Twitter and this was their response: