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OK, that makes sense, I was wondering why they would need "mirrored" camera, not to mention mirror-less,
but Photography division (which also buys DRAM/NAND) makes sense, just weird amidst bunch of console info.
To me, if they are this close in BoM, it doesn't really make sense to cheap out, whether it be less RAM or whatever.
Might as well go for the "full" spec they are considering, and even swallow the minor upfront loss which isn't huge.
Of course, in non-competitive markets like Japan, or really much of the EU, they can charge the real price for it.

They should have good volume negotiating position, maybe have deal so if market price drops, so does their volume price?
Or at least try that as negotiating position, and try to get discount price in exchange for accepting fixed contract price.
Lots of sentiment about coming recession/worse, now with virus in China and looks like spreading independently in Japan,
RAM companies have to worry the market could drop out, and a solid contract with Sony would be nice "insurance" to have.