To me this were the best Oscars since 2015. Most (almost all) winners were very predictable - yet all of them very deserving. I am very much happy with Parasite winning best picture and I couldnt picture anyone beating Joaquin, Brad Pitt, Laura Dern and Renee to the acting awards. They were all the favorites and they all won. No surprises there.

I expected Sam Mendes to win for best director, but I had Bong Joon Ho as my second pick, so it was a good result for me either way. 1917 winning for visuals and cinematography is well deserved and im very glad that Taika won his first Oscar. Jojo Rabbit was my favorite film of last year. So all in all im very much satisfied with this Oscars.

As for Little Women, I did watch it, I did enjoy it. Its a very good period drama film, but as far as im concerned it won the one award it truly deserved. I think Saoirse Ronan and Florence Pugh both deserved their acting nominations but I never expected either to win considering the competition they were against and I do think quite frankly the film had no business being in the Best Picture category. It felt like it was the filler film of the bunch. 

Although I dont have any particular complaints about it, I dont think Greta Gerwig's direction was particularly outstanding, certainly not as much as it was in Ladybird and I dont think I'd take any of the directors nominated for Best Director to add her in their place so I do not consider her snubbed in that category. However I do think if there is a case to be made for a female director being snubbed in my opinion is for Lulu Wang. As a whole I think The Farewell was one of the best films of 2019, as good if not better than most of the nominated, so its beyond me how it was completely overlooked for this Oscars. But even with that into account, like I said, I very much enjoyed this year's awards. Im very satisfied with these winners. 

Last edited by Jpcc86 - on 10 February 2020