Jaicee said:

Matter-of-factly, Little Women similary out-scored most of the of other Oscar nominees similarly, including not only such movies as Joker and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, but also the the likes of 1917, which was considered to be the frontrunner for Best Picture going into tonight (and which came away with wins in three categories). Yet only the "girly" award that's about outward appearance? *sighs* Just because a movie is directed by a woman and about the domestic lives of women rather than male violence doesn't mean it's therefore undeserving of any recognition, jeez.

Those scores you've cited do not matter to the Academy Awards, and neither are they some objective measure of quality. The voting members of the Academy select the winners of the respective Oscar categories, and every individual has their individual opinion. If you did the work necessary to be a voting member of the Academy, presumably you would vote for Little Women across the board, and cheers to you. But others preferred other films, and that's okay, too.

Inferring that this difference of opinion is because the movie "is directed by a woman and about the domestic lives of women rather than male violence" is unwarranted. That would be like me suggesting that you prefer Little Women because it is directed by a woman, which would be insulting and beneath us both; I am certain that the film stands on its merits irrespective of the genitalia of its director.

In fact, Little Women has been lauded in one form or another for about a hundred-and-fifty years, and it's absurd to equate this film being nominated for Best Picture with a claim that the Academy considers it "undeserving of any recognition." That's recognition that 99.99% of filmmakers would kill for.