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I'm 29 years old from Puerto Rico, born and raised in a Catholic household with my grandmother being the central figure. Fortunately it was a welcoming and quite open-minded family, so bigotry and homophobia was not on their mind. It was kind of a struggle growing up with feelings towards the same sex while being a Catholic, but I couldn't hide it anymore. When I finally came out the day I turned 22, I told myself that if I'll have to be judged for it then so be it. I still consider myself Catholic, a very open-minded one.

I'm kinda out, only to my brother and my mother. She didn't seem to take the news too well. She didn't shout at me, or got angry at me or threw me out of the house, but she seemed to be in a state of total disbelief for several days, even trying to dissuade me out of it as if it was just a phase I was going through. I feel like she ignores my sexuality and placed my coming out moment on the back of her mind, but I still love her though. My brother? When I told him, he thought I was bi! He didn't mind at all.

Computing and gaming is my passion. I'm still green programming, but I really want to get out there. Gaming wise I started with the NES when I barely had the ability to hold a controller on my hands. Went to the SNES and fell in love with SMB3 and SMW even before owning the games myself. Memories of going to my mother's cousins house to play SM: All Stars still invade my mind. But then I moved to PS and Gran Turismo, which is where my affinity for vehicles and for the Sony consoles grew. Was a late bloomer with the N64, getting one in Christmas 2001. Got the PS2 next Christmas; I discovered more games, more genres I couldn't afford with the previous console. Because of that, it is the console I still hold on high regard over any other. Then came the PS3 on January 2009 and I stayed with it, even with its notable hiccups. And now, I'm on the PS4, mostly stuck playing PvE because for some reason PvP terrifies me. I've been conditioned to feel humiliation when I lose to another person. Maybe someday I'll be confident enough to play Apex Legends for more than 40 minutes at a time.

I partly learned English from school, with ingesting Closed Captioned programming being the key to success.

Sony pony to the death (or until Sony really, really, really, really fudges up).