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Landale_Star said:
JWeinCom said:

Aside from the shadows looking cleaner, I'm not seeing much of a difference other than the framerate.

Aside from cleaner and more detailed shadows on the PS4, Switch is missing some shadows and the texture filtering is worse than on PS4. Load times are also faster on PS4. Certain textures might also be a little lower on Switch but maybe they just look worse due to the lower resolution and texture filtering. Seems to be some kind of bloom effect on PS4 and it looks like there is extra environmental animation, for example, it looks like some flags are blowing on PS4 but static on Switch.

However, even with all that said (and maybe more) it still looks good on Switch and in one scene it has a strangely bright table that is just normal on PS4, don't know why.

Yeah... I'm not saying you're wrong but on second examination I could only notice like one missing shadow.  And obviously the load times but I was talking more about the looks. Honestly looks the same to me unless I pause it and squint.  Maybe the difference would be bigger running on the pro.