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Barkley said:
Azzanation said:

The view is the N64 was still very successful for Nintendo.

Their home console userbase dropped from 49.1m to 32.9m, their sales of home console software dropped from 379m to 225m... Out of 11 systems it's their third worst performing, ahead of just the Gamecube and WiiU.

It was not "very successful" for them It's one of their worst performing systems. From a business standpoint the N64 was a disappointment.

Azzanation said:

That's right and by that chart, N64 is a clear winner in the 95+ meta range. Hence my point before, quality over quantity. Sony has more but Nintendo has the highest. 11 N64 games scored above a 95+ while only 6 on the PS1 scored 95+ and above.

I see you completely ignored my point that choosing 95 is arbitrary. The N64 wins if you choose 95+, you don't have to choose 95+. In the majority of benchmarks of quality PS1 wins. Drop a single point from 95 and PS1 wins.

You can make whichever system win if you choose to make it.

You hit me with some pretty fair points, I cannot argue with the decline the N64 made compared to the SNES, maybe pricing not sure, definitely wasn't on the store shelves as long as the SNES either, but it is a decline none the less. I actually thought the N64 sold in the 40s, similar to the SNES seems it didnt. So I now withdraw my argument.

As for the meta, only reason I am picking the mid 90s is due to finding out the best games of that generation and normally the games with the higher metas are the favoured games of that gen.

Good calls. N64 is my favourite console iv ever owned so my passion had to come out, hate when people say something "lost" when its a business but that's just me. Plus I am drinking so my debating skills are not at the top of there game.

I withdraw everything I said to everyone in this thread, and apologise.

Last edited by Azzanation - on 07 February 2020