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Barkley said:

Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2 got 98 on PS1.

Regardless "Quality over Quantity" is only the case if the score is arbitrarily set at one of the few specific points where N64 comes out ontop.

MetaScore N64 PS1
100 0 0
99+ 1 0
98+ 1 1
97+ 2 1
96+ 3 2
95+ 4 2
94+ 5 6
93+ 6 10
92+ 9 15
91+ 11 21
90+ 16 28

If you decide that 99,97,96 or 95 should be the metric used then N64 wins, if you use 98 or 100 it's a draw, if you choose any of the other 95 values PS1 wins.

That's right and by that chart, N64 is a clear winner in the 95+ meta range. Hence my point before, quality over quantity. Sony has more but Nintendo has the highest. 11 N64 games scored above a 95+ while only 6 on the PS1 scored 95+ and above.

Normally if we are talking about the best games ever made in that gen than we have to go by the highest output. Either way we look at that graph for a console to only be on the market for 6 years, it had the better overall highest game score output to a system that's been on the market for 12 and couldn't overtake it. 

And thanks, I had no idea Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 was rated so high.

Last edited by Azzanation - on 07 February 2020