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MasonADC said:
Cobretti2 said:
Nah that survey is wrong.

Nintendo fans are loyal. They the only crazy enough ones to buy a console for 1st party games only lol. Also look at second hand games market. Even the Wii with some 20million plus sale games, hardly saw them on second hand market. With the other two so many second hand copies of games that come out only a month prior.

Imagine if Sony lost all their 3rd party support to XBOX. How much of that crowd would swing towards XBOX?

I got a PS4 mainly for niche Japanese titles only, so I’m sure there are some people “crazy” enough to get a PS4/ Xbox for select third party titles alone 

Absolutely every system has its loyal members no questions asked. However Nintendo has the most.

Hell look at the games we get. Same shit every gen from Nintendo IP wise and still buy, even if it isn't a big improvement over last gen. We don't sell out games as much. We collect them. We complain about all digital because we collect them lol.