Marth said:

"This software does not support "Cloud save backup" feature in Nintendo Switch Online. We are planning to have a save backup function for this software, available to Nintendo Switch Online users. Schedule of this feature is unconfirmed. We will keep you updated. "

So some form of backup is coming.

Man I want the AC direct.

So when I switched from 3DS OG to New 3DS XL I did the supposed proper transfer.  Well my account transferred but my save game files on downloaded games didn't transfer.  Guess which few retail games I had that I bought off eShop...  New Leaf.  So I lost like 100 to 200 hours playtime.  Then the New 3DS XL I bought after about a year the b button would be intermittent (out of year warranty and Nintendo wanted way too much to even try to attempt fix the b button).  You can easily tell on smash when trying to go back screen hold b button down sometimes it would register then sometimes while holding it down it would act like you lifted up.   Was also apparent when trying the third jump (up and b) didn't register and first time or two trying and you drop like a rock.  So I went and got a New 2DS XL and tried to transfer.  Lost another 100 or more hours in New Leaf when only account transferred and not saves.

Supposedly there is a computer method that preserves the save files better but you would think their fucking system to system transfer would actually work with save files not just the damn Nintendo ID...  So basically after getting the New 2DS XL I gave up after 10 or 15 hours of playtime.  One thing I found out though was that carts keep save files on the cart or least most of them.  I was worried about MH4U but when I put cart in the new system my save file was fine.

I believe if I bought New Leaf on a cart then all that bullshit would have been avoided.  Download games without cloud saves.  Fuck that. I'll never do it again.  In total I lost over 300 or 400 hours playtime. I'd check my playtime history because that for some reason still fucking transferred but I'd rather not remind myself.

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