Lonely_Dolphin said:
sethnintendo said:
It's still due for end of March right? I'll probably get switch then and use some paid time off for a week off. Least I have a 100 dollar gift card to GameStop so that will help knock the price down

Yup March 20th to be exact. Are there other games you're interested in on Switch or is it purely for Animal Crossing?

Actually I've given it more thought. I'll probably get around 3-5 games on switch in a few weeks.  Of course all exclusive because any third party or indie game that is on PC I'll just get it on a steam sale.  

I was thinking Fire Emblem of course because it is fire emblem.

Mario and Rabbids because I like games like XCom plus it is turn based.

Mario Kart 8 deluxe because just found out friend from college days picked up used switch cheap from Goodwill that was missing dock and controllers which I believe he went cheap third party route to correct that.  I don't play multiplayer games much but that would be the game to play.

Smash ultimate for single and local multiplayer.  Screw online I've learned my lesson trying to play smash with lag. It sucks and it isn't my internet connection that drags the match down.

Daemon X Machina because I really loved armored core back in PS1 days.

And of course Animal Crossing. 

There are more titles that I am interested in the future but I believe those exclusive titles fit my genre taste the most.  Of course I would look into other exclusive like Odyssey, maybe FE Warriors and others in the future.  I'm just not interested in anything that came out on the Wii U because I probably already have it (only MK slides by since that is only multiplayer game I would play on switch for foreseeable future).