oniyide said:
Why compare a home console to and handheld one? of course home consoles will be more powerful. You should compare the home consoles to other home consoles, which Ninty has been falling way behind since Wii. Which wasnt a problem because that was their best selling home console. Money talks and the money says they no longer need to make a powerful home console. Hell Switch passed Xbox one. Power doesnt mean anything to Nintendo and I think people need to accept that.

Are you really asking why? Isn't it obvious? Ok then let me say it, because Nintendo put together a system that is both handheld and home oriented, therefore a comparison is immediately the logical thing to do. Before the Switch ever existed your point would have been valid but not now, I'm afraid.

Also you are either ignoring what I said or you did not understand what I said. My point is clear, whatever power the Switch has, it would be way more powerful (without necessarily being PS4 Pro or Xbox One X levels of power) had it been a dedicated home console, that's a fact and that's my point too.

Money talks? Yes it does, but again that's not the issue here, I'm pretty sure this thread is about opinions not financial analyses and my opinion is that a dedicated system is better than a hybrid because of its intrinsic limitations not suiting my expectation.

Also you admit yourself that the Wii is their best selling system and please remind me, what is the Wii, a hybrid? Nope, it's a DEDICATED HOME SYSTEM? So you may not want to bring the Wii as an argument to defend a hybrid system.

And finally, what do you mean people need to accept that? No they don't. Capitalism with all its flaws is a system where someone sells you something and you are free to buy it or not. Nobody needs to accept and be forced to go with the flow if it's not what they want. And of all people, telling ME that I must accept something, anything??? I'm literally the last person to be told that I MUST accept something without questioning it. I was born with a handicap, a really bad one for others to force anything on me, what's that handicap called again? ... Oh yes, a BRAIN!