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Impressive god.

108'9M in total shipments means it did better than i expected this quarter but it will do less in next quarter too, but it's ok. So 108'9M shipped by the end of 2019 means that by the time PS5 launches PS4 will be close to 120M shipped. PS4 is tracking better than PS2 (108'9M > 103'7M) too. PS4 could add another 5-10M shipped after PS5, so 130M at the end is still a real possibility.

But the most impressive data is still the amount of money Sony is generating with the whole gaming division during 2019. More than Nintendo and Microsoft gaming divisions as a whole combined, 18'7B $ (being 12'5B $  just from PSN) for PS4 against 9'4B $ for Switch and Microsoft 4'3B $ counting XBO and PC numbers....bufff (if i read the numbers wrong, please somebody correct me).

That's the only number Sony really cares. That's why you won't see individual game sales like Nintendo does. A shame, but it is what it is....

Now we need to wait until April to know how much Sony expects PS4 to do during 2020 FY and if there is going to be any price cuts at all. That will give us the definitive clue about how PS4 is probably end in its lifetime.