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I wonder if they could theoretically bring out an active pen like the Apple Pencil. Not that that would make any business sense, since any kind of good drawing stylus is going to cost around 100$, and no ones going to pay that for an accessory, but it would be an amazing beginner tool for artists. Embarrassingly enough for an artist, I don’t know much about how pen technologies actually work under the hood.

I mean, Wacoms technology is basically all in the screen as far as I know and the pen acts more like a passive sensor and gets activated by the signal the display is sending out, sort of like nfc-technology. So if a screen isn’t build with that technology, it will never work with a Wacom pen. Active pens seem to have more tech inside the actual pencil, so a simple software update might be enough to make a device compatible, but I‘m not too sure on that.

Uhh, sorry for the off-topic ramble, but that Nintendo patent made me think about a more proper stylus design.