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Here is something I've thought about since the switch was released, and thought of even more with the revised and lite models.

My thought is, Nintendo could update their OS to allow for native overclocking. Maybe not so much on the OG model, but certainly with the revision and the lite.

From my understanding of the mariko chip in them, they arent just more efficient, but capable of overall more performance than the old chip. Higher clocks, higher bandwidth, more everything.

I think they should allow multiple system settings, allowing the user to decide if they want all out performance at the cost of battery life, or run it for long battery life. I have a 20k mah battery I always use anyway, so I'm dying for this option.

I would love to use the performance mode in handheld. This would be an easy, nearly no cost solution to bring a form of a switch pro.... by simply unlocking the fucking chip. Come on Nintendo.... do it. Please. Stop handcuffing the system just because you have a battery life target....

I also believe the OG switch would handle it too, because it basically does when docked... and the fan has alot of headroom too. Mine goes full blast, for no reason, from time to time when it's cold on startup. That little thing really moves a ton of air.

What do you guys think? Sorry for kind of rambling on.