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Dulfite said:
My predictions for the Super Switch:

Nintendo Sneak attack by revealing it will use the original Switch dock, controllers, and joycons, thereby allowing them to build $80 for joycons and $40 for dock = $120 value into the Super Switch, still charging $300 for it when it launches even though it funtions more like a $420 console, enabling it to have PS4 pro power docked and 1080p handheld screen with multitouch technology and 3D lens built into it with a 3d camera like 3DS.

That would be so perfect. Man. I would love each and every single thing you said. Check, check and check! Built in 3d screen like the 3ds at 1080p would be so amazing.... I loved the 3ds and the 3d... I always had the 3d slider at maximum at all times, on all games. I absolutely loved the depth it gave. But, I cant imagine that there are mobile chips that would be at the level of power that the pro has..... are there? I honestly dont know.  Either way... it's fun to think about the future of the switch.