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Hiku said:
Amnesia said:

I am not the only one to have thought that, so it seems that lying to investors can have very bad consequences, and here this would be a significant and strong lie to the investors, the sentence was clear...If it would have been instead something less accurate like :

"We are not planning to release a new hardware this year"

This would have still let a room for a Switch pro...Because it would not be a "new" hardware but just a variation of the existing...

What did they say exactly? I assume this is from their quarterly results?

I also haven't been keeping up with the recent Switch Pro rumor development. I think I heard something about a new Switch version coming this year, but we don't know what it is yet.

The best would be to find the original Japanese statement...From that there has been a ton of slightly different interpretation in every other languages. They can't lie to people who are putting money on their company, but they could have played with words also to avoid lying and hide as best as they could that a new model of Switch was coming this year.

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