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These guys have been resistant to, and have been making excuses for not developing on Nintendo platforms since the mid 80s, so I can't say I'm surprised at this remark. 

Still, it's a laughable excuse. Just make good games and people will buy them (and also ideally minimize the exploitation w/bogus microtransactions). It's not rocket science. Some still seem to have this weird notion that Nintendo fans are like these cultists that will ONLY stick to "their brand." It's bs. They're drawn towards quality games, and it just happens that often these are Nintendo products. Sure you can say major established IPs play a role but it's not like EA doesn't have plenty of these - and there's always the potential to make NEW ones that eventually take off.. But you don't know (and certainly won't get results) until you try! 

Of course I can only speak for myself, but I probably bought more 3rd party Cube games than Nintendo stuff, and also bought quite a few for Wii. Largely the same with Switch (moreso on the indie front but still).

The fact that one of the largest third party empires is scratching their heads as to how to sell games on a console that already has a base of over 50 million in under 3 years is laughable to me and just shows that EA are the ones with the issue.

So there's strong competition on the platform. Boo hoo. If you can't handle the competition than perhaps you aren't good enough. 

Last edited by DarthMetalliCube - on 01 February 2020


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