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Azzanation said:
Sony has become more european than Japanese.
In saying that, Sony US is one of the largest markets in the world. Its where the money is.

It seems to me that Sony is becoming more American than anything else.

As for the US being the largest market in the world, kind of true, but on the other hand by that logic all companies across the world should have their headquarters in the US which is not the case.

My point is you can do business in the US but still be in charge of your company in your country of origin.

Now it may be that national interests do not count much for private companies. Sony is a private company and thus they may give power of decision to whoever they want. But power being the drug on which humans are the most hooked on, I'm simply surprised that those Japanese big bosses are ok with lowering their pants in favor of American bosses that at the end of the day are nothing more than their employees. My point here is that I may be the most efficient employee of my company and bring in the biggest business of all employees to my company, my boss will be happy with me but I can't imagine my boss saying that I have all the powers and that I get to decide everything and that he (my boss) will do as I say.

Anyway, thanks folks for your different opinions (exception made of one post that ignorantly presumes to know what research I have made or not made on this topic and on top of this, is incapable of adding their own opinion in their reply, not that I expect such person to have a relevant one)