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Alistair said:
The PS4 is the worse selling Sony home console ever, in Japan. It barely exists in Japan. Like Wii U levels (which did so badly I was the only person I know who bought one, twice as bad as the GC). And if you are doing business in Europe it still makes sense to run it from America as that is where the English is and all the people from different countries can get along (and immigrate missing people also, I know Chinese devs who'd rather get a green card thank you very much than continue in China, why not if you are very skilled).

The fact that PS4 is probably gonna do upwards of around 130 million sold is ESPECIALLY impressive considering that the PS4 won't even come close to selling 20+ million units like the PS2 did in Japan. That's just crazy.

Looks like the Japanese gonna miss out on FFVIIR. Their loss.