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RolStoppable said:
Amnesia said:

UK actually, which is like 5% of Nintendo's market. So I imagine still a 10.5 + an unexpected half million for China...Or is this too crazy for China ?

Parts of the USA were also low on stock; whatever shipments they got in quickly sold through.

And yes, 500k is too much for China. The console launched with one game there, so it was an unusual launch of the kind that doesn't necessitate a big initial shipment.

Doesn't really answer your last post but I am just seeing right now that some massive adjustments up has been done here for the few big weeks of December and the first of January.

EDIT : actually the whole FY2020 has lost 250.000 units compared to numbers I had before. So with this I believe that 11 millions is really too far now.

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