Pemalite said:
Mr Puggsly said:

X1 ports generally look about the same as PS4 versions with lower resolutions and sometimes lowered settings on shadows, etc. You make it sound like a significant overhaul is done on visuals or assets to make a game function on X1. This is some of the weakest arguments I've ever seen you make.

I've seen some shocking ports. - You forget I own every Xbox console or something?

Mr Puggsly said:

People have suddenly come to conclusion X1 is more like Switch in capabilities.

That is your statement, not mine.

Mr Puggsly said:

So your argument was X1X is waste of money if you're solely playing the games that don't benefit from X1X? Boy, who gives a shit? The most active games on X1 all benefit from X1X it seems. Many games not on that list do as well.

Correct. If a game doesn't show any benefit on the Xbox One X (And there are a few!), then it's a bad buy.
What games people play will differ from person to person due to personal taste.

Mr Puggsly said:

Who bought a X1X to play games that don't benefit? Its just a dumb argument.

Probably those who thought their game library would magically become 4k?

Mr Puggsly said:

No, a game designed to only run at 720p on X1 clearly isnt designed for X1X. Those are the games you were focusing on. That's obviously the point. Any benefits on X1X is mostly brute force as already discussed.

The Xbox One X is an Xbox One, it is part of the Xbox One Platform.

It is a console designed to operate the entire Xbox One games library.

And games are designed for the Xbox One platform.

Games don't always target all the features/aspects of a console. I.E. How many games support Kinect these days despite there being a few million consoles that sold with it bundled in?

Yeah, we both own a Xbox One, maybe even multiple. What ports are that shocking? Even the disappointing ones are mostly okay.

You spoke as if X1 is really gonna struggle with Cyberpunk. But if PS4 can handle it, I think it will be fine.

I'm glad you're defending uninformed consumers that expected all content to become 4K on X1X. Not really relevant, but that's great.

X1X didn't always exist. Therefore many games weren't designed for it. Sometimes developers simply ignore it as well, like Shenmue 1 and 2.

Are you comparing Kinect to X1X? Seriously, your arguments in this thread are among your worst. Was Kinect ever used to increase resolution and performance? I am slightly amused seeing you grasp at straws though.

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