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Hiku said:
Chicho said:

2901 cases and 82 deaths doesn't sound that bad but the number is steadily growing. There are cases being reported ouside of china there are 5 cases now on the us.

Incubation period being a few weeks is a problem. Means people will think they are fine and infect others who also think they are fine and infect others, etc.

By the way, I've wanted to say this for a few months now, but this situation makes it more relevant.
People who sneeze/cough in public without covering their mouths (and I see them all the time) should be forced to go back to kindergarden and learn basic human etiquette.

Same with people that clear their throats and then spit it onto the ground.
Its disgusting and promotes the spread of virus's and other sicknesses.

I actually think its admirable that in asian society when they get sick, they buy a face mask, so as to not infect others.
Same if theres a serious outbreak, they also buy masks to limit themselves getting sick and futher spreading such.