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Mr Puggsly said:
DarthJarvis said:

Huh? Capcom has every game that posted above 1m on that site. Ever SF4 iteration is listed separately. SF4 arcade barely was above 1m on multiple consoles. Why would you think people are buying budget games (and not ps store) instead of the logical explanation that SF5 arcade just hasn't crossed a million 

SFV hit 2.9 million a while back (LINK), why did people keep buying the vanilla version and not SFV:Arcade Edition?!??!

Clearly all SFV sales are lumped together. Discussion over!

You're seriously just spewing nonse right now and its kinds hilarious. SSF4 was definitely compatible with arcade and ultra yet the game is considered different by capcom.  I mean, it's in the link the guy posted earlier.