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Mr Puggsly said:
DarthJarvis said:

You are incorrect. SF5 arcade was launched 2 years ago. Just as sf4 arcade was launched after sf4. Capcom considers them 2 different skews

A GOTY edition of a game will have a different SKU as well. But that generally gets lumped in with the original version of a game.

I am not sure why this difficult for you to process. Each release of SFIV is a standalone product, their muliplayer isn't compatible with different versions for example.

The same thing was done with SFII and SFIII, each was considered its own game. Thus far there is only one version of SFV. SFV:AE was the same game bundled with season pass codes.

It's not that surprising SFV sold less. SFIV was one of the best selling fighting games ever, decline happens. Also, it probably lost about 2 million sales skipping Xbox.

We already know why Xbox and any other console was skipped over. The main reason why it sold less is because it was rushed. An unfinished product. The game felt incomplete. It wasn't until a year and a half ago or so that SFV started looking like the game it should have been in the first place. I'm sure had it released with the Arcade Edition content, SFV would have did the numbers it was suppose to. You're right though. It Capcom missed out on sales omitting the other platforms.

Also I can confirm that you don't need a separate disc for Champion Edition. I have it now and I've had vanilla SFV since launch. Capcom didn't lie when they said you would only ever need the base game.

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