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barneystinson69 said:
vivster said:

"The people who died were between ages 48 and 89, but the vast majority were at the top of that range and almost all of them had existing health conditions."

Totally shaking in my boots right now.

I'd be a little more than just laughing it off as nothing...

Also, someone in their late 30s with no pre-existing health problems died. And given China is locking down almost 60 million people... 

China is locking down 1.5 billion people every single day for decades now. Color me not impressed. Nothing in those articles you linked is in any way worrying to me. It's some kind of virus that spreads fast and has comparably mild symptoms. If I was worried about that I shouldn't be able to even leave my home because flu and cold season is coming and that shit also spreads fast and kills people. But this virus is new and sexy and a novelty, which is why so many bored privileged people are suddenly "concerned" about it. I won't be driven to hysteria by people who know exactly as little about that virus as I do.

Maybe I'll start to worry if it starts killing healthy young people in overseas developed countries. As of now I'm sure the Chinese government has killed more people in China this year than that virus. And that's a thing I'm way more concerned about.

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