OdinHades said:
JRPGfan said:

Whats even more amasing is that germans have strick rules about what is and isnt beer, so their not allowed to "cheat" by subtitueing things, or enhnace things via usage of chemmical means. Its just pure beer. 

That's a common misconception. The Reinheitsgebot isn't a law. You can choose to stick to it, but you can also just ignore it without any consequences whatsoever. It's mostly a marketing gag.

I thought they wherent allowed to sell Beer in germany if they did that though?
Maybe theres some german firms that export some cheap or worse beers, made that way.... I dont know for sure.

I just know, that in denmark, while our own beers are popular (carlsberg, tuborg) they arnt worth a damn (imo).
Often times you get a much better tasteing beer, thats cheaper, when you buy the german brands.

Also when you look at the ingredients, its usually just 3 things (water, hops, and malt ).
I dont think its healthy how our society uses all these chemical substitutes for everything,
so when presented with a cheaper and better alternative... why not?