The virus was found to start at a market that sells live wild animals kept in cages for people to take home and kill then eat. Looked like bunch of weird animals like beavers etc.  They closed down the market now.

It might sound harsh but they get what they deserve. You aren't supposed to cage a bunch of wild animals together in small confined area. Hell I remember some couple getting the plague because they hunted and ate an uncooked rodent in I believe Mongolia. If you want to go out and hunt animals and properly cook them then so be it. But to cage a bunch of different exotic animals in a confined area. Do stupid things get stupid prizes.

Maybe we won't have to ever worry about China because they'll just take themselves out.  Their treatment of the environment and animals is long known to be detrimental.  The worse are the killings for aphrodisiacs.  Killing Rhinos for their horns to grind up and sniff or grizzly bear gallbladders. 

So yeah no pity from me.

Last edited by sethnintendo - on 25 January 2020