Radek said:

I mean who's surprised? Metro Exodus, RDR2 both run at 1536x864, that's even a step down from 900p.

I Imagine Cyberpunk will be 720p with lower details and more frame dips on Xbox One and 900p with better details and frame-rate on PS4.

720p is unacceptable in 2020 though but Jedi Fallen Order was 720p on Xbox One already (900p with better frame-rate on PS4)

That's why I didn't understand all the hype for 4K Blu-Ray Player in One S and people buying it instead of PS4, especially now that they released a disc less version of Xbox One S. You rather play games in 864p than 1080p just because you have 4K Player? Most Blu-Ray movies are upscaled to 4K anyway.

TLOU 2 is already confirmed to run at 1080p on PS4, so will Ghost of Tsushima and probably FF VII. PS4 aged like fine wine imo.

720p is not that bad with good post processing effects. I won't argue its ideal, but acceptable.

Jedi Fallen Order for example, DF mentioned it looks better than you'd suspect from the native resolution.The stutters were often more like load times during exploration. Not great optimization, but playable.

If you arent gonna play Xbox exclusives, then buying a PS4 over X1 makes sense. I'm not sure anybody would argue otherwise, unless you really enjoy physical 4K movies. Or maybe for social reasons, like friends on Xbox.

I kinda doubt FFVII is gonna be 1080p, given other titles using UE4 that have not been. So I'm leaning 50/50 on that. Unless it was already confirmed.

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