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Ultr said:

Its a great game and I dont really understand if people say the story is confusing, Its pretty straight forward.
The combat mechanic is still enjoyable and fun after 40-50h, which is when the game ends so I see no problem there either.
The characters tend to sometimes be a bit kitschy, but I am mostly ok with that.
And no not everyone hated the game, it is like most of the time "a very loud minority"

and its about as linear as every other ff game, so yeah

The story isn't 'confusing', it's just very, VERY poorly told, requiring you to look up datalogs and studying the in-game encyclopedia to understand 90% of what's happening. You shouldn't have to do homework for a game, especially not a JRPG. Dark souls gets away with it becuase the point of Dark Souls is atmosphere and gameplay, but Final Fantasy's story has always been super important. 

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