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Green098 said:

Trying to kill Pokemon is a bigger of an attempt as to trying to kill Mario, Micky Mouse or Marvel. A cheap indie knock off ain't gonna do it, I mean just look at what happened to Yo-kai watch and it at least had the backing of the necessary media such as apps, TV shows, Movies and merchandise. Temtem doesn't have a hope of making a fraction of the $1.46 billion Pokemon makes from it's manga sales never mind the franchise as a whole.

I like the Yo-kai games.
Imo its a better series than Pokemon is. I dont get all the hype and appeal of pokemon.

You made it sound like Yo-kai watch was a failur commerically, and it probably isn't.
(though its clearly far off from selling as much as pokemon, this just tells me alot of people out there have bad taste :P)

That said yeah, temtem isnt the game that kills pokemon.
At this point, theres like a crazed cult following that ll buy any and every pokemon game, reguardless of its quality.
Even if a better game comes out, that plays like pokemon, it wont outsell pokemon, because no one will be willing to try something else.

its like the "apple" effect.
People are too used to apple, and wont change, even if theres better phones or OS's, because their set in their ways.
Its also a status thingy, so their willing to overpay for it. Its like a cult following.

Last edited by JRPGfan - on 23 January 2020