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Three weeks into the new year, it's finally here! First and foremost, I want to apologize for having taken so long with this − I got admittedly lazy last year and only started getting into the hang of compiling everyone's lists in late December, which then inevitably postponed everything. I hope you don't crucify me over this delay, but I'd understand it if that was the decided course of action.

Anyways, back on track here. We spent most of the last two months of 2019 talking about our favorite games, a decade-long VGC tradition that was created by @Smeags and then carried on by @Leadified before I took it on myself. As a celebration of the event's 10th anniversary, there will also be a special thread featuring the top ranked games across the whole decade, but for now, it's 2019's results we'll be taking a look at.

I received a total of 68 lists this year, with a grand total of 1130 (!!) different games between them. Of course, they'll all be posted here, and therefore this will be the event's longest list to date. The "votes" column indicates how many people had a game on their lists, and the release year listed is always the one from the game's earliest release − except for arcade games, which will have their earliest console release listed instead if it's arguably more or as relevant as their arcade counterpart. At the end of the list, there are also platform and decade breakdowns, as well as the top ranking game from each year.

We're off!

Full Ranking

Detailed Breakdowns

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