Ka-pi96 said:
JRPGfan said:

When I said biggest I ment = budget, quality, graphics, Story, expectations, wow-factor (you get CoD+Fifa every year) ect.

TLoU - part 2 + Final Fantasy 7 Remake + CyberPunk 2077 are the "big" tittles for 2020.

I expect them all to get pretty great metacritic scores too, but that wasnt really what I ment by "big" titles.
These are "the movers & shakers" that will push hardware, akin to a new Zelda Breath of the Wild or Mario Oddessey.

Some games are great enough, to make you go out and buy a console if your lacking one.
These titles are that type of games.

So what you meant was "in my subjective opinion"? Yeah, I thought as much. For the industry itself it's definitely not the biggest game of the year though.

Plus I can practically guarantee you that more people have bought a PS4 for FIFA or COD than will buy one for the FF7 remake.

More PS4 players have those titles.  Did they buy a PS4 specifically for those though when they could get them elsewhere?  For example if there's 5 COD players.  They all want COD.  One wants COD and was an MGS fan.  So he gets PS4 for COD and DS.  Another gets it for COD and Ratchet and Clank.  Another gets it for COD and TLOU.  Another gets it because COD and Horizon looks cool.  The fifth gets the Xbox because he loves Halo and COD.  PS4 exclusives sold those 4/5 gamers even though each one is only getting 1/5 of the COD sales.  

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