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Random_Matt said:
DonFerrari said:

I guess the person doesn't really like to play, the person just like to have something to distract him from his daily life.

My opinion is if you need portability to play games, then it is time for a new hobby.

tbh even with long train trips or bus rides, to say school or work, its way to distracting to sit down and game.
Theres too many distractions, thing you need to pay attention too, and times you need to get up, move along bus->train->bus ect, that interrupt you.

It sounds neat, but in actual fact, its rather sucky to play games that way.
I'd rather bring a ebook with me read or such, where stuff like that isnt a big deal.

Also sitting out side on a bench, or under a tree in abit of shade.... to game.... people dont do that often from what I found.
Its also often wet/rainy/ and cold where I live so.

Portability is neat, but its not the be all and end of all, when it comes to gameing.