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CrazyGamer2017 said:
super_etecoon said:
The best place to play is everywhere, with the Nintendo Switch. So odd for them to have a tag line that perfectly plays into Nintendo's message.

Hmm nope. The best place to play is definitely home, where you are safe, warm, not distracted by stuff happening around you, in front of a big TV screen and not a tiny portable screen, etc.

As a gamer what matters to me is my relationship to my game and not my environment so I don't see how playing anywhere helps making a gaming experience better. Zelda is good because Zelda is a good game, and NOT because you can play it under the rain in the street waiting for a bus or whatever.

If the environment and the fact you can change it at leisure is more important to you than the game you are playing then, you and I have a very different definition of what gaming is. But at the end of the day, it's ok, you enjoy moving around and I enjoy gaming. We are both happy, everybody wins.

I guess the person doesn't really like to play, the person just like to have something to distract him from his daily life.

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