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It's a weird question, I'm not saying it's irrelevant cause in the context of what's going on, this question makes sense but it sounds to me like a false issue.

Because it implies that people do not like consoles and buy them cause they have no choice if they want to play this or that game only being released on console. It may be true for some people of course but the OPPOSITE is true too. Should those games exclusive to PC come to console, maybe some PC people should stop buying PC's and move over to consoles...

The truth is most people buy one system or another because they like that system, the exclusives being a bonus, a big bonus, a huge bonus but still a bonus.

I love gaming on console, namely on the Playstation why would I EVER move over to PC? I'm used to the simplicity inherent to consoles, I don't need viruses so rife on PC and a complex OS that needs complex maintenance, a small PC screen, a keyboard that was made to type text and only adapted to play games, a price tag that is several times the console's should I go for a high end PC etc..

I don't think that putting console games on PC is a smart move from Playstation as they lower their chances of selling as many consoles as possible as there will definitely be a segment of gamers that may have planned to get a console, not getting it if they can play those exclusives on PC. But at the end of the day as long as my favorite games are released on my system of choice, I don't fully care where else those games go. It's Sony's problem, not mine.