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0D0 said:
DonFerrari said:

Totally agree, a billionaire company and a successful product like PS won't really be affected financially for dropping some millions on an E3 presentation (perhaps the gain compared to do a similar event that would cost a lot less is negligible but not a real problem).

So yes I would prefer they were in E3 and for me Sony not being there will make E3 not much relevant for me, will just look afterwards for trailers of couple publishers/devs I have interest but won't be in a hurry or hype. And that is almost a crime considering it is the E3 pre new gen.

It was supposed to be an epic e3 with ms and sony revealing their consoles. both doing a few mistakes, then taking back what they did and said two weeks later. xbox head Spencer would say how much he loves everyone and the rivals, showing some tears. Some PS banjo presentation and such. And all that hideous internet commentary. All in a single weekend. This year is less fun now.

Yep, our console warring will be a little less livery because of Sony.

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