Slownenberg said:
Hilarious to see the early predictions. I'm surprised people didn't expect it to at least do 3DS numbers. I guess just people were so focused on the failure of the Wii U they sorta forgot its a portable and just focused on the console side of things. Like, if you assumed handheld gaming will continue to shrink against smart phones, but then you add in Wii U sales since it is also the successor to the Wii U, guessing 60-70 or 70-80 million seems like it would have been the most reasonable. But seems like a good number of people were predicting a system that was a direct successor to the Wii U rather than a system that combined Nintendo's portable and console markets. And of course they knocked it out of the park so it's gonna put the combined Wii U + 3DS sales to shame.

To be fair, people were more optimistic after E3 that year: