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BraLoD said:
Chrkeller said:

I bought a ps4 at retail MSRP and it came with a free copy of TLoU.  Are you really this obsessed with everything Sony or just purposely being stupid?  Free games are bundled with consoles all the time and no it shouldn't count towards game sales.

As an example, did Wii Sports really sell 45 million copies?  I'll give you another example, I picked up an Xbox S All Digital for $150 this holiday season.  It came with Forza and Sea Thieves download codes.  I tossed the codes and never downloaded the games.  Should those count as sales?

Giving something away for free isn't the same as a sale.    


Where did you get I am obsessed with everything Sony? Please show me in this conversation where did you get it from.

The guy you jumped to agree with is the one obsessed with pretending to talk facts and actually downplaying TLoU sales for some reason, well, the reason is to try to make BotW sales look better, as if that game even needs any kind of help to begin with.

You then immediatly jumped to call me stupid out of nowhere too.

Not only you have barely even tried to have an actual conversation with me you come to call me a stupid fanboy for no reason whatsoever in your first post quoting me.

Be a little more respectful with people, will you?

Anyway I'm really not fine with your uncalled for rudeness towards me, not that I expected any different coming from you from what I've seen before, but even so...

You'll talking alone from now on.

Pretty much what I figured/expected.  You made a silly comment and can't handle being called out, hence why you didn't even bother answering a single question.  

As for the "stupid" part, well that is quite simple.  You quoted my post acting as though you were confused on how I got TLoU free.   Really dude?  We both know TLoU was bundled for free, drop the (stupid) act.  

Last edited by Chrkeller - on 11 January 2020