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BraLoD said:
Chrkeller said:
He isn't wrong. I got TLoU free on the ps4. Free games shouldn't count towards sales. Common sense.

If you bought it is not free.

If you mean PS+ it doesn't count to sales.

I bought a ps4 at retail MSRP and it came with a free copy of TLoU.  Are you really this obsessed with everything Sony or just purposely being stupid?  Free games are bundled with consoles all the time and no it shouldn't count towards game sales.

As an example, did Wii Sports really sell 45 million copies?  I'll give you another example, I picked up an Xbox S All Digital for $150 this holiday season.  It came with Forza and Sea Thieves download codes.  I tossed the codes and never downloaded the games.  Should those count as sales?

Giving something away for free isn't the same as a sale.    

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Last edited by think-man - on 11 January 2020