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I love the predictable responses. Lol. Nothing was said of quality, or anything... other than number of released games. But, if the fact that the switch wins... ever... no matter what the hell the category, causes such salt and defensive reactions, then please... let the salt pour. Its hilarious. You act as if the 1100 or so ps4/xbox1 releases were all winners... doesnt that just sound stupid as hell to say? Yes. It does. Yet it's being said anyway. Sorry guys. The switch is a runaway success. That brings with it a shit ton of games. That brings with it a shit ton of shit games. The same shit games that hit the ps4, and the xbox 1. Now stop the fanboy games.

⚠️ WARNED: Flaming/Trolling ~ CGI

Last edited by CGI-Quality - on 11 January 2020