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This was a very interesting experience for me personally. I was so excited to play it when I picked up the game and switch day 1. I started, and enjoyed it well enough. I had around 5 or 6 hours into it and.... I hated it. I mean, I fucking HATED IT. I was pissed. I was asking myself, how in the fuck could anyone at these sites be saying this game was even good, much less game of the year?

I got my ass kicked all over the place .. I hated using stupid shit like branches for weapons...... i was done. I hated it. I absolutely hated it. It was pure, overrated shit. I didnt touch it again.

Then, around 2 or 3 months later..... i picked it up again. So, what i did this time was, played it for what it was, AND wasnt... this wasnt ocarina of time. So, with that in mind, i played it from an entirely different way.

This is the part that makes breath of the wild the best game I've played in decades. You get what you put into it. I played it like an idiot, and got my ass kicked. I tried to go straight into the main story too fast.

Then, I just explored. Before I even realized it, I was powerful as hell, kicking the shit out of everything..... and LOVING EVERY SECOND OF IT. I had so much fun just trying anything I could think of... this game allows so much creative freedom to the player, that there are still new things being discovered all the time on youtube.

By the time I had finally killed Gannon's final form, I had dumped over 150 hours into it, and loved all of it... aside from the 1st paragraph, that is, haha. This game will always go down as one of the best, most creative, fun games I've ever played in my life, and it is without a doubt the game of the generation, and of generations.

Truly legendary games like this should be played by everyone. The good thing is, the game will sell 20+ million in the end, so that means it is being experienced by a massive audience. It deserves nothing less.