Main game is an 8/10. Post game is a 7/10. I voted 7/10. The competitive aspect is crap compared to previous games. This is because Dynamaxing breaks the game, and too many OU staples got cut in Dexit. Dynamaxing doubles a poke'mon's HP, and let's them do 120 power STAB moves that massively buff their stats. Way too many OU staples were cut from the game, which effectively cut the meta in half. What new poke'mon they brought into the game either couldn't fill the vacuum or were seriously overpowered to the point of being Ubers tier.

Anyway the result is that most teams just consist of abusing Dynamaxed Hawlucha, or Dynamaxed Gyrados. And if they aren't running that they are running the OP fossils that hit you for over 300 power stab moves.

The sentence below is false. 
The sentence above is true.