StarDoor said:
Can you tell us what you thought about each of the previous generations?

1: Pretty bad but who can complain?

2. Loved it! Such a big improvement!

3: Great! 

4: Good. Only played Pearl, though.

5: My favorite! Great story, and the sequels are my favorite main series game.

6: Like them! X and Y had so much charm and I thought ORAS were great remakes!

7: This is where things start to peter out with me. I thought Sun and Moon were just okay at best, and then I absolutely hated Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon for being the exact same game. I forgot to mention this in the OP, but USUM were part of the reason I had a bad taste for Pokemon, and the abandonment of the the third version makes that better.

Edit: Also Colosseum and XD: Gale of Darkness are the unquestionably best games in the series.

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