So I've played nearly every main series Pokemon game. But I haven't picked up Sword or Shield. I'm among those who were pissed off about Dexit, and I got the impression that S&S were rushed, low-quality games with little effort put into them (OoT tree comes to mind here). Plus, I felt that buying the game would just be rewarding the anti-consumer behavior Game Freak is known for. Well it seems like I was voted out on that last point (though I'm curious to see the Q4 sales when they get released), and I've lately become less concerned about the National Dex.

Then today's Pokemon Direct made me feel better about the games. I'm thrilled that they're finally abandoning the third version in favor of DLC (and I especially appreciate that they were quite direct about it). So then the only question that remains is how good are they? Are they good enough to warrant a $60 price? Or are they only worth it if you can get it for less? $40? $30? Would most appreciate comments from those who, like me, have played most games in the series, and have had time to digest Sword and Shield. Thanks!

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