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Slownenberg said:
Landale_Star said:

I don't often get hyped up for a game, with a new Zelda game that is trying something new I wanted to give it a fair chance. I got it day 1 with the Switch and I thought it was a good game, if I was forced to give it rating I'd say 7/10. As time passed (about 105 hours) I lost interest and never finished the game so maybe it's more a 5/10 for me now, though I did do all 4 of the temples so I could probably go back and tackle Ganon's castle. I doubt I'll buy the sequel on day 1 (I don't know anything about it so far, so there's still a chance), I think I'll wait a long time and pick it up cheap.

Even though this has been a bit disappointing for me, compared to plenty of the other Zelda games, I won't say they've ruined the franchise or that I'll never buy another Zelda game again. I'm pretty sure they'll continue to release Zelda games that I'll enjoy.

I'd say any single player game that gets you to play 105 hours (and you haven't even beaten it yet!) is pretty incredible. Maybe you should have just tried to beat it after like 80 or 90 hours instead of keep going and eventually lose interest racking up an insane amount of playtime. No matter how good any single player game is, eventually you're gonna get tired of it if you keep playing it. Seems weird to downgrade your score just cuz you played the game to death. I mean, you're saying you put over 100 hours into a game you give a 5 out of 10. That's pretty bizarre.

It's not that strange for me to put a lot of time into games I don't like or just find average. I try to give games a good chance, especially if it's from a franchise I love or a game that I feel might turn around, sometimes I'll also leave a game and come back later in hopes that it clicks with me next time. To be clear, I didn't downgrade my score because I played it to death, it was because over the course of playing, I started to realise more clearly that it was just average in my mind. In my mind 5/10 isn't bad, it's an average game that I get some enjoyment from but I might not feel the need to finish. However, I will keep returning to it, because it's ok and there is still a chance I'll change my opinion.

Last edited by Landale_Star - on 08 January 2020