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S.Peelman said:
Ocarina of Time and Final Fantasy VII have once again stood the test of time I see. I doubt those other games at the top would still be in the top 5 of such a list after 21 years, regardless of how good or not they may be.

Ohhh man, so glad you brought this up because this is EXACTLY what my first reaction was to this list when I quickly scrolled to the top 10-50. The TWO only games in the top 10 from the 90's and go figure, they are the two arguably the biggest games of the 90's. FFVII is my personal #2 and Ocarina of Time makes my top 30. My thoughts are with yours...these two games ALWAYS rank high, no matter what list they are on (as far as the gaming public is concerned, not the actual critics.)

A lot can also be said for FFVI (#13) and Chrono Trigger (#11) - I'd personally reverse those games as I've never quite seen what the fuss was about CT - but hey, I respect it's well loved. In any case, this definitely says a LOT about FFVII and Ocarina of Time especially.

The other games have either come out in the last 5-10 years or even more recently. I do like the fact The Last of Us is in the top 10 even though it may be too high. But hey, back in 2013 it was also my favourite game ever until things settled down a bit.

Cerebralbore101 said:

This list isn't any better or worse than what most vgchartz users put as their top 50. It's a respectable list that comes down to personal taste. I mean they could have had some serious bullshit in their top 50 like...

Star Wars Battlefront II
League of Legends
Poke'mon Go

Or any other GaaS style, 70's review score nonsense that happens to be popular with kids.

I mean, have you guys seen some of the shitty lists that are made by editorial staff these days? Didn't we just have a thread on TrustedReviews top 25 games of all time, where they put friggin Destiny in the list? Or anytime IGN or PC Gamer put out lists of "The best X games"?

Yeah, most definitely. Well said. I mean really, you have to realize also that these users were only allowed to select NOT 50 games, but THREE. Each person is only to select THREE games on their list so this even makes it more impressive for any of the older games making it as far as the top 50-100. Speaks volumes, really, to how much these games would mean to someone. Clearly, a LOT of people voted if so many games have made the list so that, as well, really says a lot about the versatility.

All in all, no doubt, a very very solid list. They don't do these things very often. It's recent enough, but the list only exists because of the celebration of their 300th issue. They are currently on #321 which I MUST find as the cover is celebrating PlayStation's 25th Anniversary and has Cloud and Tifa on the cover as well as other iconic PlayStation characters. Must collect this.

SvennoJ said:
Shadow of the Colossus is at #17, that's good!

However I guess the reader base are no fans of racing (or sports). The first mairo kart (8) is at #169, while the only other racing game is Gran Turismo at #220. Is that all GTs together or the first one?? Grim Fandango is in there, Doom and even Zork 1, a text adventure from 1980. Yet the top 10 is mostly recent games, odd mix of readers.

Yeah, totally! Another fine example why I respect the list, overall. I wasn't expecting this game to even crack the top 100 let alone the top 20 (which INDEED is very good placement.) This is my favourite game of all time but I'm happy about its ranking and it's respectable considering all the games that get mentioned. 

Zkuq said:
It would sure be nice if the first post mentioned this list is almost two years old... When I see a thread about content elsewhere, I usually expect it to be very recent, and I don't consider two years old quite recent enough.

I feel it IS recent enough, for sure. I mean, yes, the poll just missed the God of War window which was the game of the year for 2018. Also, I was wondering why RDR2 is not on the list but alas, it wasn't released yet also.

So yeah, those games with games like RE2 or Sekiro - I doubt Death Stranding would place that high but I could be wrong. So yeah, a few other key games potentially could have made the list but I don't think it would look much different than this.

Shadow1980 said:
The list definitely skews towards more recent games, which I think entails the respondents skewed relatively young. Recency bias may come into effect as well. We don't see a 16-bit game until Chrono Trigger at #11, there's not an NES game until Super Mario Bros. 3 at #37. In total, I counted only three NES games in the Top 100, and only five SNES games. The highest-ranked Genesis game was Sonic 3 at #159. The only games from the Golden Age of Arcades that I saw were Galaga and Donkey Kong (no Pac-Man!) and they were close to the bottom. So many classics are way down the list. I mean, how the hell else does BioShock Infinite and Destiny end up ranking higher than, Street Fighter II, Mortal Kombat II, Mega Man 2, Super Mario Bros., or Doom?

I'd really like to know what the age demographics of this poll were and their platforms owned. If I had to venture a guess, there weren't a ton of grizzled old Gen X vets like me that have been playing since the 80s.

Great observation, but to be fair....these readers were not able to select 50 games like we do here on VGchartz. Only THREE. Can you imagine having to only pick 3 games from this entire list of 300 not to mention the other hundreds that were mentioned? Heck, my list would look VERY different as well. I'm 37 and also would have 2 games after 2000 in my top 3 even though I did have my fair share of 80's and 90's games on my list.

All in all, I think this list did a great job. If someone recently played, say, The Witcher and it REALLY made an impact then yeah, immediately they would include it by default because of how much they enjoy it. It may change later, but says a lot about The Witcher 3, really. The game is arguably the biggest of this past decade.

Last edited by StreaK - on 08 January 2020